Hull Marathon 

After my successful outing at Modnight Man I was left feeling a little without direction come the start of September. ‘Go and run a marathon or something’ my wife suggested so I duels signed up to the first Hull marathon taking place on the 13th of September.

The course was flat, ideal given how my knee was still waiting to be fixed and featured an out and back over the Humber Bridge. Should have been a lovely little jaunt.

However my right foot and other ideas. Ten miles in I developed the biggest blister I’ve ever seen or had. As it was just a ‘fun run’ I stopped and walked back to the start. A bit bummed out but otherwise ok. Turns out that had I popped it, bandaged it and continued it would have saved me being in a world of pain later.


Hull marathon

After feeling unmotivated having finished Midnight man I needed something to  focus my training on. So I entered the hull marathon for tomorrow 

Should go quicker than Milan, will be interesting to see how it goes having done no specific marathon training. 

National club team relays 2015

…Or just triathlon relays as it is now!

Once again the trip was made to the national water sports centre at holmepierre point in Nottingham for a mornings racing described by the organisers as ‘organised chaos!’

I missed out last year due to still coming back from knee surgery so was looking forward to this years trip. The only problem was it was the weekend after midnight man and although I’d had a weeks rest and loosening up in the pool I was pretty sure I’d still struggle. Oh well, not a lot I could do about that. Once again I was hoping to not embarrass myself. 

I was to be the first off in my team, which meant I had the pleasure of the mass open water swim. Although only 500m it was brutal. I’ve never been in such a washing machine of a swim before. Everyone was going for it and I had to pause and catch a breath as I was quite recovered enough for that kind of fight.  

There were only two turns or make in the water and the first was horrific, but the second, only 50m further away, was much better and the last straight to the exit point was fairly clear and I was able to smash myself to get back some if the time I lost. Exited the water handed I’ve the wristband to my teammate Neil and looked at my watch. 8:31, not bad, not great through. 

I jogged back to the LBT hq we had set up to dump my wetsuit and goggles and then headed back to the transition area to wait for the fourth swimmer to arrive. He did and I set off on my three bike laps round the lake. 

Only I didn’t really set off. I mostly cocked up getting I the bike. Having not raced for nearly two years my race craft was to be honest fucking awful. I’d put my shoes on already due to the stony nature of the transition area (and having received a small cut on my foot my first year) and I couldn’t get clipped into the bike, wobbled, nearly crashed had to stop and have a word with myself. Utter atrocious.  

Once I got going it was ok. I was making good speed but I felt empty and like I was working way harder than I should have been for that speed. Clearly I was not recovered from Midnight man. Still I pushed on and handed over in a decent time. Quickly back to hq to drop off my bike, have a quick drink and pop on the running shoes. 

Fortuanatly there is more time to recover during the course of the bike than the swim so I was feeling almost refreshed when Graham, our fourth biker, went past and it was time to head down to start the run. Not sure what happened but despite joggin down I was late for the handover. By about a minute. The race announcer was calling my name and a pretty cross Graham was looking for me. Shit.  

I grabbed the tag and hared off for the run. The sun was out properly now and it was baking hot. The run course was one loop of the lake and thee was no shade and the headwind from the bike had died. It was a matter of running through the still heat trying to make up some of the time I’d lost through incompetency. In previous years the first person off did a little more than the others but they had changed the start of the run route so I ended up doing fractionally less, coming in by my watch in just under 19 minutes. I didn’t know where the time lost by my lateness would be added, my run or Graham’s bike, but felt quite happy with the run. 

It was added to my run! Only fair.  

 Once we had all finalised it was time for the best bit, the BBQ and team photo

Looking at the results I swam 8:03, biked 25:09 and ran 19:41(including time lost for stupidity), I’ll compare it to previous years later on.  

Compared to my team mates I ran and swam fastest, biked third fastest, but only by a matter of seconds. Most importantly it was a great laugh, and they eventually forgave me for being late. But only after the appropriate amount of piss taking.  

Nice t shirt too! Ifonky it hadn’t taken weeks to write up. 

Midnight Man Race Report

Saturday night was the big race of the year, Midnight Man. An iron distance triathlon starting at 6pm in the evening and going through the night into the wee small hours. It would be fair to say that the lead up hadn’t been ideal. A less than impressive Milan marathon in April followed by overcoming the sustained injury from that, followed by knackering my shoulder crashing my bike…. Well, I wasn’t expecting much. I had however had a good couple of bike rides in the shape of the Etape de Yorkshire and RideLondon so it wasn’t all bad.

Registration took place a couple of hours before, a pleasent change to doing it the day before like other iron distance races. Perks of the late start. Racked the bike, bits set out in transition I was about good to go, just enough time to continue my pre race hydration.

I had pondered how to fuel myself leading up to the race, the normal process being a big pasta dinner the night before and then a bowl of muesli the morning if the race, about 2hrs before the start. I woke on race morning, cup of tea,  big bowl of pasta, sorted bike and then a nap. When we arrived to register I then tucked into some tasty homemade flapjack and malt loaf. I basically tried to recreate everything, but during the day. The nap was nice.

The last things to do before starting the swim was to lube everything and knock down a gel. The liberal application of lube is not only to prevent the west suit chaffing during the swim, but also to make it easier to remove the wetsuit, and prevent any chaffing in over more, delicate places. It’s a long time to be on the bike and you don’t want any rubbing to cause problems on the run.

The swim was 4 laps of the lake/pond starting with a deep water start. About 300 people climbing into the lake. Not all of us where doing the full distance, some where doing the half distance options (2laps) and many more doing the quarter distance (1lap) There were also people doing this distances as an aquabike (just swim/bike) and seemingly each option had a different coloured swim hat. Me, I had a nice light blue.  

The first lap was frenetic as everyone set off like mad and the turn at the first buoy was madness, just as it should be! However halfway through the first lap things got much calmer, the faster swimmes off the front, the slower behind me, I had more of less open water. Head down (literally) I ploughed on, getting through the laps until it was time to exit the water. I glanced at my watch, 1:07. Blimey, that went better than expected. I’d hoped for my normal 1:15ish but feeling fresh, however this was waster and I was feeling fresh. Things where looking good.

Into T1, wetsuit off, quick towel down socks, bike shoes (unlike a normal tri where they go on the bike) arm warmers, shades with clear lenses and helmet and off!

The bike course was 20 laps, yes 20 laps. However it was closed roads and as they said no potholes. It was out and back along the duel carriageway, and then out and back along the express bus lane. All closed, all smooth, all pretty much flat! From doing it the last time I remember ether being a bit of a headwind at various points of the course, and indeed there was. However it changed every lap! 

I settled into my groove. And spent the first few laps scanning the road surface for tricky bits while it was still light. Nope, pretty much all good. A few rumble strips approaching a roundabout and a metal strip on the join of a bridge, but mostly smooth. Nutrition plan had been, and indeed was the same as for RideLondon and Etape de Yorkshire, whereby I had a muesli bar after the first half hour and then every hour after and a gel in the half hour between. I had also a few bottles of energy drink to keep me hydrated as well. Nutrition worked well, I ate and drank the whole way throug and at no point did I feel like I was flagging.

The laps past and as with the swim the first few laps were full of people, and there was a load of drafting. However there were a good few motor bikes out acting as draft busters, didn’t effect me, I was too busy going past people. I was going well and then the dark came. Still passing people, and the only people passing me had much higher numbers (meaning they were doing the shorter distances) this was good. I carried on. Due to the nature of the course I was able to stay down on the tri bars for the long stretches, coming out and stretching as I turned and sprinted out of the corners. Everything was holding up well.

I was passed by a low number on lap 12, he drew along side and checked what lap I was on. We had a bit of a bitch about the drafting and then he was off. So I had one person infringement of me. Maybe I could catch him on the run.

As darkness came there was a problem. Not that I couldn’t see (council had refused to turn on street lights on the dual carriageway) but it was difficult to see all the people who had no lights. Seriously, who rides a night race with no lights?! Apparently loads of people. Still, as the laps went down more and more people finished the shorter distances. I was still passing people, my legs were still good, my spirit still high. The last few laps got colder, with there being a very cold breeze towards the turnaround but I could manage three cold laps, after all, I train in Yorkshire.

The last lap done I was into T2, shoes on, hat off, picked up gels and off! I knew I’d gone under 6hrs for the bike, something I had hoped for. No time to thing about that, the pain of the marathon awaited.

The course was 8laps and flat. Like, proper flat. I had run it four years previously at the Bridge Triathlon so I knew it was flat. The issue with my knee had meant I could only run on ultra flat suraces, so I had been limited to outdoor running, but I knew this was flat.

The first part of the lap was an out and back with a small loop in the middle with the second half of the lap being a loop. This meant that the first half of the lap I could see how I heald up with the other racers. I saw number 44, the guy who passed me on the bike and he was going well. There were also a few people who we’re going well who’s number I couldn’t see so had no idea if I was racing them. I pushed as hard as I could. I was asked before if I was going to try and negative split the run but for me the marathon of an iron distance is all about going out hard and hanging on for grim death. Exactly what I was doing.

Nutrition was a gel after kilometre 10,20,30 & 35 and as with the bike I never felt low on energy. My legs started to hurt, a lot, as the laps went on but I was keeping fairly good running form and although I was slowing I was slowing slowly. I could see number 44 each lap and every lap he kept getting just a little hit further in front. Not a lot, but just a touch. I had to keep pushing. I was running at my max and knew I couldn’t go any faster, which meant I had to hope that I pressured him into pushing too hard and bonking. It’s never nice hoping for someone to have a bit of an explosion but this did feel like we were racing each other. As we passed for the last time in lap 8 we high fives each other, he had beaten me, but who else had. The numbers had dwindled but I had no idea who was on which lap. Giving it my all I hammered the last 2km, legs burning, lungs exploding I headed to the finish line and crossed in 10:15.

Are you ok?

The nice lady at the finish asked. No, no I was not ok. Everything hurt. Everything. It was quarter past four in the morning I was tired sore and wanted to sleep.

Congratuitous, you came second!

What. That couldn’t be right, I had a good race but surely not that good. Turns out I had. Hearing that perked me right up. Staggering to my feet I collected my finished medal and T shirt and got a cup of tea.

I came second and with that came a nice trophy

But better than the trophy was my time. 10:15:40. I will talk more about the time when I do a proper analysis of the race and splits but my goal at the start of the year had been sub11, given my poor year of injuries I’d hoped for sub12.  10:15 was more than I could have ever hoped for! Time to head home as the sun came up. I needed to drink a lot of recover beer!

Yoga update

It’s been a bit crappy yoga wise recently. In June I was 100% for the first six days, and then we went camping where I have a day off (having done yoga at Friday lunchtime and planned to do it Sunday evening) on the Saturday. All good. Cycling back from the campsite I went I or the back of a car and damaged my shoulder. That necessitated a few days off while everything settled down but turns out after a trip to minor injuries and an X-ray that I had damaged a ligament in my shoulder. A course of painkillers from the doctor meant I wa able to sleep again, and even swim, but in could not yoga. 

Several positions in the sun salutations put my shoulder in the wrong position and still to this day cause me issues. So no yoga. The shoulder is healing so I’m going to try again soon, but for now it’s just some light stretching. Really missing it though. 

RideLondon-Surrey 2015


After the long ride of the Etape De Yorkshire I was feeling hopeful about getting a good ride in at my second attendance at ride London.  However I still wasn’t 100% happy with how I was feeling on the bike especially with Midnightman just two weeks later. As per normal with London based events I headed down and stayed with a friend in Shireditch, a few beers and a big pasta dinner before finally getting round to putting the numbers on my bike. 
A 6:15 start time meant I had to be up at 4:45 and I was still very bleary eyed on my ride to the start line. Upon arriving at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park it seemed that all 27,000 participants where already there and trying to drop off their bags. Carnage! Still I made my way to my start pen and had a short while to chat to some of those around me. 

Off we went! As with last time the first few kilometres was a mix of people trying to get warmed up and get going, and some people who were clearly on a mission and smashing it from the get go. In concentrated on staying out of trouble, and trying to enjoy the closed London roads. Going wheel to wheel and trying to find groups to ride with, often a little tricky given the mix of people, I was soon at the 20mile mark in Richmond park where I saw my sister-in-law, who managed to see me smiling in amongst the thousands of other cyclists.  


As you can see, the sun hadn’t been up very long. At this point I was 8 minutes up on where I was last year, things where going good. The next 30 miles rolled by and where pretty uneventful, rolling through the countryside, going from group to group making good time. 

The first hill came and went, there was a lot of grumbling from people around me, but it was nothing compared to the Yorkshire countryside. 

Leith hill came at about 55 miles. Although not as notorious as Box hill it is the bigger, harder hill with a bit of a kick in it’s tail. As per usual the going up went quite well, it was the coming down which was the problem. Once again my inability to decend cost me time as all the people I had blasted past on the way up came hammering past me on the way down. I do descend like a granny. 

More smooth riding until box hill. Part of the notoriety came from its inclusion in the 2012 Olymic road race, where the loops took them up it 9 times. We were doing one ascent. Turns out that it was a piece of piss. I flew up it making great time and only with minimal (for me) swearing at my legs. It’s hard and pretty but has nothing from the Côte de Buttertubbs of a few few weeks ago. I may be biased but Yorkshire kicks Surreys ass in the beauty stakes. 

After Box Hill it was a fairly flat run in back to London (apart from the small lump at Wimbledone, but more about that shortly)

Here was where I stated making good time. I lucked upon a few god riders who we’re going hard, and we formed a bit of a pace line. Everyone was taking turns on the from before pulling off and we were flying. The miles were going down and it was all good. Until Wimbledone hill. The group were working hard and I was at my limit, not a problem on the flat but on this hill, which isn’t huge my legs went and I lost contact with the group. The biggest issue was that I then couldn’t get back into the big ring on the front and chase down the group. After working hard I could only watch as they disappeared into the distance. Bummer. 

However once I was back in the big ring and was going properly again I was back to making good time and managed to catch another group and recover my legs a bit. I followed them in until the last 5km whereby I opened up with everything and pushed hard. This is the pout where the course follows the embankment of the Thames so is flat and straight. Once again I was able to catch groups, recover and push on. Coming through the last mile upto and through Marble Arch and along the Mall I emptied myself, giving it everything I had. Gunning for the line my finally sprint was not pretty, but quicker than last time!

  At the finish i recovers myself before collecting my bag and going to find my family, a steak and a recovery beer, or two. 

My time last time had been 4:59:48 and I had been hoping to beat that. With an ultimate goal of going under 4:45. Finish time 4:43:41. Get in! Can’t wait to try and get in for next year.  

Pretty snazzy finishers medal too. 

Etape de Yorkshire

What an awesome bike ride. Even in the drizzle Yorkshire is the most beautiful part of the UK, maybe even the world. 

Me an a large group of Alba Rosa riders set off first at the 7am start. Winding out way out if the grounds of Harewood House we separated ourselves from the other riders and then started chain gaining out towards Ilkley. We were making awesome time and it was all going well. Until we hit the first incline where my broken lungs meant I got dropped, pretty quickly. A mate dropped back and paced me back up to the group but again at the next incline I was gone. We we 50k (of about 200) in so there was still a long way to go on my own. 
Still, not to worry. I had planned to go out with the first group so when I inevitably got dropped I could then ride witht the second Alba group. That didn’t quite happen though. Being dropped after 1hr it wasn’t until 3hrs of riding I saw another rider when a group came smashing past me, and again I was on my own. After 6 hours a small group of four came blasting past, offering me the chance to join them, but I couldn’t keep up. Turns out they where doing the short route and had missed out the last two climbs. That explains why they were so fast! 

The first hill the Côte de Cray was pretty uneventful,  as was the Côte de Buttertubs. The drizzle making the climbs cooler. Unlike when Jens Voigt did it last year there wasn’t 10,000 people lining the climb to the top of Buttertubs. Just a bloke with a camera waiting to snap photos of knackered riders. 

As per the forecast the sun came out at midday, which just so happend to coincide with the climb of Côte de Grinton Moor. It wasn’t a bad climb, the incline was fine but the sudden heat was more than a little unpleasant. There was however a nice cooling breeze, indeed a tail wind, along the top an I manged to blast along fairly easily at 50km/h. 

After that it was a faily un eventful run back to Harewood via Harrogate only for me to be overtaken by another small group in the last half kilometre. Crossed the line, collected my medal and got a burger.  

 Checking the time of the official results showed a time of just under 8:40.  

 All in all a good days (mostly) solo effort. Same again next year!