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Of all the stupid things I’ve done…


Yup, I’ve signed up to Comrades ultra.   
90 hilly hot and hard kilometres in South Africa with about a million metres of climbing even though it’s a ‘down’ year. 
Starting in Pietermaritzburg and ending some 90km later in Durban the Comrades Marathon is a beast. The route is reversed each year so this year is a down year, with a net downhill, but still about 1400m of climbing. 

 I will need to provide a qualifying time to prove I’m good enough and so have signed to to one trail marathon, not long after knee surgery, and Manchester Marathin where I hope to post a quick time. 

I should have toughened up and finished Hull Marathon. Oh well, I didn’t know then I’d be doing this. 

What. Have. I. Done. 



New winter training/event added

Along with a few of the chaps have signed up to a 90k bike ride in Cumbria. Although it doesn’t take in any of the big passes it should be good time spent in the saddle, properly the most since the 1/2 iron man in the summer.–december-5th-2010

Should be a good way to break up the predominantly gym based training over the winter months.New winter event/training a