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Greater Manchester Marathon – The Race

This should, in theory have been better than my last three marathons (Kirkstall, Hull and Milan) but that wouldn’t exactly be hard. I’ve been having issues with getting out to run due to my wife’s working hours so have been plodding on the treadmill. However I’ve been getting a pretty ground in pace of 12km/h which equates to 5min/km. when I’ve been outside running I’ve been able to keep it up as well.

The night before was spent in a b&b half an hour away where an early night was had. It had to be early, we were sharing with the boys and I didn’t fancy sitting in the dark.IMG_1897

The following more we were up early, packed breakfasted (muesli) and off. Road closures and lack of signage made parking a mare, so I jumped out and left my family to get sorted to meet them at the start.

There were many things wrong with the Marsthon, but I won’t go into them now, I’ll concentrate on what I could control, ie my race.

9am and the race started! The course was pretty flat (as you can see below) and with a few out and backs so I could cheer on other LBTers. My pace was pretty much spot on between 4:40 and 4:50 per km till about the 31km mark. There was a couple of small drops you will notice where I had to stop for a wee.

It was after my second wee break that I chased to get back to where I was before I stopped but when I caught up to the girl I had been following I felt good and so pushed on, keeping a pace somewhere around 4:10-4:20 for the last 11kms. I was head down for the last little bit when I thought I could go under a milestone time but missed it a little, the headwind on the last four miles was just a little too much.

So, how did i do? Well although I just missed out on 3:15 I came in with a official time of 3:16:51 a huge improvement of my precious best of 3:27. And I had held back so much during the run as it was more of less a training run and might even be able to sneak a good for age (3:05) for London marathon should I attempt Hull again later in the year.