Monthly Archives: November 2015

Kirkstall Trail Marathon

In theory it should be nice to do a marathon you could more or less run to the start line of. However 17 days previously I had undergone knee surgery again. Fortunately as I’d been active an fit in the months leading up to the op I was in good health and pretty damn fit. I just had to hope that my knee would hold up and I would bust the wounds open again. I mean, they had healed and the stitches had been removed. 

This was supposed to give me a basic time for my Comrades qualification. Anything under about 5:30 should be ok. I just had to get round. 

The course was three laps, or fairly up and down with some slippery underfoot stuff through fields and alongside the river and some steady going flat along the canal.  

  My knee heals up fine. Everything else fell apart though. The lack of any kind of distance running since my poor attempt at Hull and before that Midnight man was telling. The first lap went ok (aside from me and a few others getting lost less than 1k into it) but less than 100m into the second lap my body basically shut down and the next 17ish miles became a mater of mind over body. There as no chance in hell I was giving up though. 

I ended the day with a time of 4:12:13, not too bad but I was in bits and broken for the next few days. Still, should be enough  to get me a qualification time for Comrades.