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Hull Marathon 

After my successful outing at Modnight Man I was left feeling a little without direction come the start of September. ‘Go and run a marathon or something’ my wife suggested so I duels signed up to the first Hull marathon taking place on the 13th of September.

The course was flat, ideal given how my knee was still waiting to be fixed and featured an out and back over the Humber Bridge. Should have been a lovely little jaunt.

However my right foot and other ideas. Ten miles in I developed the biggest blister I’ve ever seen or had. As it was just a ‘fun run’ I stopped and walked back to the start. A bit bummed out but otherwise ok. Turns out that had I popped it, bandaged it and continued it would have saved me being in a world of pain later.


Hull marathon

After feeling unmotivated having finished Midnight man I needed something to  focus my training on. So I entered the hull marathon for tomorrow 

Should go quicker than Milan, will be interesting to see how it goes having done no specific marathon training. 

National club team relays 2015

…Or just triathlon relays as it is now!

Once again the trip was made to the national water sports centre at holmepierre point in Nottingham for a mornings racing described by the organisers as ‘organised chaos!’

I missed out last year due to still coming back from knee surgery so was looking forward to this years trip. The only problem was it was the weekend after midnight man and although I’d had a weeks rest and loosening up in the pool I was pretty sure I’d still struggle. Oh well, not a lot I could do about that. Once again I was hoping to not embarrass myself. 

I was to be the first off in my team, which meant I had the pleasure of the mass open water swim. Although only 500m it was brutal. I’ve never been in such a washing machine of a swim before. Everyone was going for it and I had to pause and catch a breath as I was quite recovered enough for that kind of fight.  

There were only two turns or make in the water and the first was horrific, but the second, only 50m further away, was much better and the last straight to the exit point was fairly clear and I was able to smash myself to get back some if the time I lost. Exited the water handed I’ve the wristband to my teammate Neil and looked at my watch. 8:31, not bad, not great through. 

I jogged back to the LBT hq we had set up to dump my wetsuit and goggles and then headed back to the transition area to wait for the fourth swimmer to arrive. He did and I set off on my three bike laps round the lake. 

Only I didn’t really set off. I mostly cocked up getting I the bike. Having not raced for nearly two years my race craft was to be honest fucking awful. I’d put my shoes on already due to the stony nature of the transition area (and having received a small cut on my foot my first year) and I couldn’t get clipped into the bike, wobbled, nearly crashed had to stop and have a word with myself. Utter atrocious.  

Once I got going it was ok. I was making good speed but I felt empty and like I was working way harder than I should have been for that speed. Clearly I was not recovered from Midnight man. Still I pushed on and handed over in a decent time. Quickly back to hq to drop off my bike, have a quick drink and pop on the running shoes. 

Fortuanatly there is more time to recover during the course of the bike than the swim so I was feeling almost refreshed when Graham, our fourth biker, went past and it was time to head down to start the run. Not sure what happened but despite joggin down I was late for the handover. By about a minute. The race announcer was calling my name and a pretty cross Graham was looking for me. Shit.  

I grabbed the tag and hared off for the run. The sun was out properly now and it was baking hot. The run course was one loop of the lake and thee was no shade and the headwind from the bike had died. It was a matter of running through the still heat trying to make up some of the time I’d lost through incompetency. In previous years the first person off did a little more than the others but they had changed the start of the run route so I ended up doing fractionally less, coming in by my watch in just under 19 minutes. I didn’t know where the time lost by my lateness would be added, my run or Graham’s bike, but felt quite happy with the run. 

It was added to my run! Only fair.  

 Once we had all finalised it was time for the best bit, the BBQ and team photo

Looking at the results I swam 8:03, biked 25:09 and ran 19:41(including time lost for stupidity), I’ll compare it to previous years later on.  

Compared to my team mates I ran and swam fastest, biked third fastest, but only by a matter of seconds. Most importantly it was a great laugh, and they eventually forgave me for being late. But only after the appropriate amount of piss taking.  

Nice t shirt too! Ifonky it hadn’t taken weeks to write up.