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Never make assumptions

I learnt a painful lesson on Sunday. I made an assumption about someone on the road and it came back to bite me in the ass. Or shoulder. 

I was following a car down the road at 30mph at a distance of about 30m and it indicated, stopped, and then didn’t manoeuvre. I assumed it would make the right turn it was indicating for given there was no on coming traffic but it didn’t.  I braked a fraction too late and ended up going into the back of them. Hard. 

The important thing is the bike is fine. 

I’m fine too, my shoulder is a bit buggered, some internal bruising. Swelling has mostly gone and I can now swim, just about. 

Pay attention folks. The roads are a dangerous place and you need to be paying attention. It’s not always about what people do, so,รจ times it’s about what they don’t do. 

Never make assumptions. 


We need to talk about Wiggins

First off, congratulations Sir Brad. Smashing Alex Dowsett’s record of 52.937 km (32.894 mi) and recording a distance of 54.526 km (33.881 mi) is phenomenal. The pain you must have gone through, I can only imagine. 

You were a wonder to watch and it was always going to take somekind of disaster to stop you not only beating Dowsett, but utterly smashing it. You looked so smooth and easy going round and your upper body didn’t move an inch. Bravo.  You deserve it. 

  Now I’ve finished applauding him I can say what I feel. 
I wanted him to fail. 

There, it’s out there. For a number of reasons. Partly as I really like Alex Dowestt. I think the way he took himself away from The British set up to Movistar brave and rewarding for him. He has had some great results, notably  his victory over Sir Brad in the time trial at the 2013 Giro d’Italia and his results and records including become Britsh Champion over various distances on the Britsh Time Trialing circuit.  


He also seems like a stand up chap, always tries his hardest. Which is where I find it hard to like Wiggo. 

He’s a quiter. When ever it gets tricky, or things don’t go his way he throws what I’ve been referring to as a ‘wiggo’ and strops off. There have been several instances of him throwing his bike around when it’s not gone his way, at least Macel Kittle had the decency to apologise to his bike after such an instance*  

  And stepping off his bike into the car if he loses too much time early into the race. Just doesn’t sit right, especially when Froome wil fight tooth and nail to gain back anything he loses. To be honest I half expected him to maybe fall behind his schedual and stop the attempt. 

So it conclusion, well done Sir Brad. But I really hope Dowsett tacks it back from you. Or Jens Voigt!
*I know there was some big issues with Macel Kittle’s apology to his bike and likening it to a domestic violence situation. Personally I think the whole thing is a poorly advised PR stunt to smooth over what was clearly an act of frustration in the moment at having lost a bike race. These are highly competitive individuals in and very stressful situation and if thee had been a wall he would have punched that to let off some steam. As it was he threw his bike down, which he had just crashed and was pissed with the puncture, bike and himself. End of. 

Tour de Yorkshire

If all goes acording to plan next weekend me and some of the guys (&girls) from the trick un will be cycling the final stage of the Tour de Yorkshire. The stage went from Wakefield to Leeds, finishing in Roundhay park. I can’t quite see the park from my house but I know it’s a 7 minute run away. 

Should be fun. And hill….

Back up and running(ish)

So after Milan Marathin I took some time away from running to let my knee heal. It kinda didn’t so I went to my Physio who gave me a load of exercises to do and the instruction that I could run on it to test it out shortly. 
Well that shorty passed just when I was in Paris, so my first run back after Milan was in Paris. Hourra!
An easy run along the Grand Canal. Nice. 


not quick, bit a nice sunny run. Awesome.

April Yoga



Aside from a small trip to Paris, where there wasn’t enough room to swing a cat, let alone downward face that dog, it was a pretty good month. Managed to et back on the core work as well but forgot to record when I did that.