Monthly Archives: April 2015

Milan Marathon the final build up. 

It’s taken a while to get round to talking about this, not cos it was a distaster, mostly as I’ve just been too busy, but it was a disaster. 

In the few weeks before the marathon I had developed a hip issue which put a stop to all running for the four weeks before. I rested and tested and then rested some more but it was clear that my training was finished. With weeks left I turned to my bike to at least keep some fitness up. That and some Physio exercises. Just before we left I managed to get una couple of 10k runs. They were not quick, but they where pain free. However my sub3 goal was shot. 

Then came my next injury. 


Where my main goal was out of the question I decided that what I should do was learn to ski.  While we were in Italy we were going to take the boys skiing with my sister in law, and while they can ski I can not (still can’t really). Without having to worry about getting injured and thus missing that sub3 goal I went and did a ‘learn to ski in a day’ trip to xscape on Good Friday, 9 days before race day, where over the course of the day I learnt to ski. Mostly. However the next day I found that I had twisted my knee. Waking hurt and so it was back to the resting. 


The flight out to Bergomot did no help. Nor did having to walk up and down the big hill to get dinner each evening. But gradually it got better and I felt that although I would not be quick I would definitely be able to get round… 


March Yoga


I’ve managed to get back into the habit of doing core work on a regular basis. Rather than try and do it at the end of the day I’ve started doing it in the morning when I get back from the pool, just before the kids wake up. This is good, lets hope it remains.