Monthly Archives: March 2015

Making the best of a bad situation

So it’s been 2 1/2 weeks since my last run, and although I might try tonight it’s not looking good. It’s not too bad, the hip pain has gone when I walk up hill, thanks to rest and some Physio exercises I was given by someone who suffered a similar injury. It does mean that I’ve been able to make the most of the nicer weather and time not spent running my getting out on my new bike.  A nice shiny new Planet X carbon beauty 

     Pretty damn tasty. And the ride is so much sharper and more responsibe than my old aluminium frame, tiagra group set Giant defy I was riding. Mostly thanks to a very good offer by Planet X, I was able to pick up this bike and a set of 52mm race wheels which will fit both this and my time trial bike. 

Anyway, I’ve been doing so turbo sessions to try and find my bike legs again, which have totally disappeared after all the running, and then on free days getting out on the roads, even trying some new Yorkshire countryside routes.  


I was getting a fair bit disheartened by doing the old routes and being massively slower so I have been taking some new routes, much nicer than just smashing it up and down the A58! I’m loving riding after such a big time off, I’ve even got some bike races in the diary!


And there goes my target time

I always knew 3hrs would be a tough target to get, but given how well the training had been going I was hopeful. Well it’s all gone to shit as my hip problem is still bugging me. I’ve stopped running after a small 1k run on Wednesday showed no improvement after an iffy couple of days so I took the hard decision to take the rest of the week of and then switch to the bike.

IMG_1041So with a few weeks to go before the Milan marathon I’m back to cycling (and I have lost my bike legs badly) in the hope that my hip will heal up and stop giving me problems, while trading to retain some kind of fitness.

Fuck it, at least I get to ride my new bike finally!


Arthur Week 12

Bugger burger bugger. Remember that little cross county race I did on Sunday? Well turns out it kippered my left hip a bit, which I found out on Mondays run session. Could only manage 5k at 10km/h and 2 at 12km/h before I decided to pack it in. The following days long run (20miles) got canned after less than 1km… And then I rested for the rest of the week.

IMG_1038Apart from a short run on Saturday to see what was up. Seemed ok, I know better now though…..

And the winner is….

So last night I attended the 220 Triathlon magazines 2015 awards dinner. LBT was up for two awards, club of the year and event of the year (<500).

There was a champagne reception and then a bit of a fancy dinner and then a brief talk by Graham Obree. Remember him? He’s the cyclist who kept breaking the world hour record on weird bikes, first one like this;

IMG_1011which was made illegal by the UCI, and then on this one;

IMG_1012which was also made illegal by the UCI. And then there where the awards…

First up award was race of the year (<500) and we only bloody won it! I was elected to go and collect it and had to pose for the photos.

IMG_1013 The penultimate awards was for club of the year, and again, we only bloody won it! This time David collected the trophy.

IMG_1014one of the coaches at the club also won coach if the year, but he wasn’t there so Matt collected the award on his behalf. So by the end of the night we had three awards on our table.

IMG_1015So a good return for the Club that evening and I will have to go and buy a copy of 220 Triathlon magazine to see my ugly mug in it.

February Yoga

A few tricky days to start, but the biggest problem this month was a half term holiday away with no space. You don’t need loads of space but there was sod all space…

…and then the few days after my three hour snowboarding lesson were a total write off, following a weekend away. Back on it for march though.