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In which Tom has to dust off his tuxedo.

Yes, on Saturday night I get to dress up and head to Sandown Race a course for the 220 Triathlon awards show!
Not for anything I’ve particularly done, but LBT has been nominated for awards in two categories. Race of the Year (under 500 entries) for the Ilkley triathlon, and Club of the year, for us being us and generally awesome, an award we won previously in 2012. As a (newly elected) member of the clubs committee I was offered the chance to go. Who could say no to that!? (Well a few people, hence why newbie me got asked!)

More details of the awards/nominees can be found here, from 220 Triathlon

Aside from us, other highlights will include;

Elite male triathlete of the year
Alistair Brownlee
Jonny Brownlee
Javier Gomez

Elite female triathlete of the year
Mirinda Carfrae
Gwen Jorgensen
Jodie Stimpson

Don’t know how many of them will be there, but you never know who I could be rubbing shoulders with.



Suddenly a wild race appeared.

Unexpectedly I find myself doing a race on Sunday.

This season I’ve been coaching my little boy’s rugby team which has put paid to pretty much any sport based activity (aside from special events like the Abbey dash and LBT’s Ilkley Tri) and so I want expecting to be taking part in any of the West Yorkshire Winter League XC races this year.

Remember them? Here is what I (poorly) wrote about them last year.

However, Baildon, the last race of the series doesn’t start until 2pm, giving me ample time to finish rugby and then get there. IMG_1005

This is a good thing in several ways, partly as I like XC and have missed doing it and racing with fellow LBTers. Also, it gives me an excellent opportunity. To make up the run I’ll be missing on the Saturday due to me attending the 220 Triathlon awards event. Of which I shall write about in just a moment…

Arthur weeks 10 & 11

Week ten started well with a serious treadmill effort to try and find a bit more speed. As good as Leeds is for running it’s not the flattest of places and so it’s sometimes difficult to gauge how quick you are going to go on a flatter route when you are constantly going up and down.

Don’t get me wrong, hills are great and all, but sometimes flat is good too.

Anyway, 3x5km at a decently quick (just off best 5km pace) got the week started followed by a nice 19miler, and then some general running till Friday. On Friday we took a family holiday down to Pontins in Somerset, where things started to go a bit iffy. My Saturday run I binned due to not being able to really fit in in amongst the excitement of going down Wookey Hole and tried to go Sunday morning. This was cut from ten miles to just over three due to horrific GI issues caused. By the food. Man, so much stodge. Monday morning I couldn’t move due to being crippled from sleeping on the shitty sofa bed. Not a good start to week 11.

Monday we drove from Somerset to Snowdonia in Wales (via a copper mine) and after a day I. The car I was looking forward to a run. Sadly the place we were staying in was in the middle of glorious scenery and roads which where really twisty and full of blind corners with no pavements or lighting. I took the decision that trying to run here might get me killed and so had to look for other ways to fit the runs in.

Fortunately I have a very understanding wife who assisted me with this. When we went to Port Merion she took the boys for a walk round the woodland trial whilst I ran it. It was supposed to be a 30-40 minute walk, but only if you had no legs.

IMG_0998 Although I had to do loads of running in circles it was great trail running, nice and soft underfoot, though there we less than helpful signposts directing you so half the time I had no idea where I was or where I was going. Tried to run on the beach but got 6 steps before I decided that running on sand so soft that I sank up to my ankles was probably a bad idea. Oh, that was hilly too…

IMG_0999 The next day we went to Portmadogg and the Ffestiniog railway (to go down a slate mine) and upon returning the rest of the family had a cup of tea whilst I went out for a quick run, trying to be fast as it was flatter.

IMG_1002-0It was reasonably quick and mostly below sea level.

IMG_1003The week was completed with a few general runs and a 21 mile effort on Friday night (nothing else to do on a Friday night) which left my legs in pieces for Saturday mornings parkrun.

IMG_1001So despite a tricky week away I’m still mostly on track for both Milan Marathon and keeping 100% in Jantastic.

Author week 9

Due to the niggle at the end of last week this week took a slightly different approach.

IMG_0992Monday was supposed to be a rest day with a half marathon race effort on the Tuesday, but I did an easy 5k on the Monday and a steady Half on the Tuesday to really test my iffy Achilles out. It all went well and I can commence as normal.

Only real deviation was Thursdays session where I was reduced to doing 6x800s on the treadmill which broke so I could only manage 5x800s. Oh well. I tried.

New goggles day

On Sunday night at the club swim session the nose piece of my goggles felt sharpe. ‘Mmmmm’ I said, looking at a small crack on the inside, ‘These look like they are about to go, best order some new ones.’ Come Monday morning when I was swimming my planned 6x200s they went. Ping. Halfway though my 3rd 200. Bugger it. Or rather, ‘bugger arrrrrh my eyes!’

So I ended up doing a few days of kick drills, great when marathon training, whilst I waited for Amazon to deliver. And then they came!

IMG_0987three sets of nice shiny new goggles. My face hasn’t quite adjusted to them yet so this morning I was swimming with only one eye open as my left goggle kept leaking, but was good enough to get through 5×200, only cut short as I had to be home early for the Ocado man with my shopping. Such is life.

RideLondon 2015

The post came yesterday and I got a letter, well magazine I’d pretty much forgotten about

IMG_2046yup, I’ve been accepted though the ballot for the 2015 RideLondon-Surrey 100.

Whoooo! I didn’t get in last year, but I did get in for its first year. You can read about my past experience here.

This is two weeks before mother Midnight Man iron distance race so will be my last big ride and a good tester or where the legs are at. I felt like I could run off he bike having smashed myself to a fraction under 5hrs last time so hopefully it’ll be all good this time round.



We’ll just pretend that I have been organised enough to post this back in December/January when the Jantastic Challenge kicked off and ignore that we are already almost 5 weeks into it.

So, what’s Jantastic?

Put simply it is a motivational challenge set up by those fine fellows over at Marathon Talk to get people motivated and running over the cold winter months in the lead up to (but not exclusively for) a spring marathon. This has been going for a few years now and ha had several changes to it, the most recent being the inclusion of swimming and cycling as activities. Oh, and you can log your activities via Strava.

So, you have to state at the start of each month how many runs/bikes/swims you are planning on doing each week that month and then you get a score for the mount you complete. Each month gets more complex, with February needing a weekly stated distance, and then March a started time/race goal. I could blather on more about what happens, but it would be easier and less painful to go to the Jantastic website and look for yourself.

Being in the middle of plan Arthur I am running a lot, six times a week, so I have logged to run six times a week (no shit) and swim three times. I normally swim 4/5 times but some mornings are harder to get up and get going as the runs get longer. No bikes pledged but I’m trying to do a couple on my short recover run days, just to keep the legs ticking over.

The first three weeks went to plan hitting all of my targets runs and swim, but I had that niggle last wek forcing me to drop two runs. Fortunately¬† you can play a ‘joker’ which if you are injured can play to either fill up all of one of your activites or half of your total for a single week. You only get 2 and can only play one in any given month. I deployed mine so am still at 100% for Jantastic. jantas

You can also mark how you are feeling motivationwise something I am not struggling with, even despite my slight niggle. It’s all about the bigger picture!