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Arthur Week 7

Another storming run week.

2015/01/img_0968.pngMondays 8miler at pace on the treadmill at the gym was good and I felt much better on the following days long run than I did last week.

GI issues on the hill session on Thursday but a nice easy, quicker paced recovery run on Friday had me all sorted again. Or so I thought. 8.5 hard kilometres on Saturday morning before parkrun where my legs left leaden and like crap. Still, managed to knock out a 20:12 parkrun. And then rest.

Still managed to get in three swims, but missed the pool on Sunday due to too much haggis for tea!

Also managed two easy bike sessions (2x1hr) but it does appear that my bike legs have gone. Oh well.


Arthur Weeks 1-6

So having completed the first 6 weeks of 18, and now being halfway through week 7, I thought I would take a look at how I’ve done so far. It’s time for a little stat attack!stattt

So first a quick look at the distances run over the weeks day by day.


It does look like I started off strong, and I kinda did, but only as I had to compress one 8 miler into 2 12 km runs due to needing to run to and from the rugby club, everything has been to plan, a couple of switched sessions but always hitting my target distance or exceeding it slightly. No heroics, no slacking. How does this stack up at overall distance?


351.7 km run up to last Sunday (and its gone further since) I will have run a metric shit ton of miles/kms by the time the race comes around.

So far the legs are feeling fine. Tired today but that was due to the hard start to the week, not due to being generally tired. Things are looking good.

Arthur week 6

Another great week. Kind of. Mondays pace effort went well and I accidentally ran further than I was supposed to. However it was quick and felt good. It did make my legs ache like a mad thing while doing the following days long run, which was fortunately only ten miles this week.

A few recovery runs and a hard, short sharp club hills session were good. I had to change Saturdays run to the Sunday to allow for threat I was in London drinking and partying Friday/Saturday. This did also mean Sundays run was slower than intended, nut given the ice and snow that was everywhere it was never going to be a fast one.

2015/01/img_0961.pngAnother good week, and more to come!

Arthur, Week 5

Week 5 of plan Arthur is complete, given that Sunday is a rest day (well, from running. Still have the club swim in the evening) I can see how I’ve done.

Well, once again I’ve hit all my distance targets. Excellent. Only bad day was today when my session was split across a 4ish mile warm up to parkrun. My legs were not having any of it today and the ‘warm up’ run was slow and ploddy, and then the parkrun was a shower of shit. Over 21 minutes. Might have helped if I’d had breakfast (woke up too late) or dinner the night before (early supper followed by too much beer) before attempting it. Oh well, one bad run isn’t the end of the world.

With my run out of the way early on the Saturday and my next one not till Monday evening I’ve got almost two days for my legs to recover. Awesome.

I’ve started to do my Wednesday and Friday short runs during the day on the way to pick up children from school which frees up my evenings. Starting next week the aim is to get some biking in on those evenings to keep my bike legs functioning. Will give me a chance to try out my new bike shoes.

Plan Arthur Update

So I’m now four weeks into Plan Arthur, and things are going well. Only two slight deviations from the plan. First in week one I had to switch a 10mile run into 2x 6mile runs where I had to attend a training session on concussion at the rugby club. Secondly I had to switch a Friday night run to the Sunday (rest day) due to the wife having work people (think Chief Exec, Chair and Medical Director) round for dinner. Still, running at 100% so far for hitting the sessions/distances.


The long runs are feeling easy, through due to weather conditions making it slippery underfoot (damn frost late at night) are lightly slower than I’d ideally like, but recovery doesn’t seem to be a problem. I’ve even managed to smash out a few sub19 parkruns, always a nice feeling!

Will try and keep this updated on a more weekly basis, but given the lack of time to blog since October it may be a little hit and miss.

December Yoga

Well that wasn’t quite so good was it. Went wonky around xmas as we were away and in a house with 13 people (and a dog) for xmas there wasn’t any room for yogaing.


January has already started much better, if we just ignore missing the first day due to bonus celebrations.

November Yoga

Best month ever! Would have been nice if I had managed to pot this in a timely manner but you know, life gets busy.