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General Update

So i was supposed to be well into the second block of power training by now. However that little lung this put paid to that one, so I have just under two weeks left until I start on with some proper marathon training. These weeks will mostly be spent getting used to my new bike position, and trying to regain my bike legs which seem to have disappeared. I have been working on a plan, and yes it is

 “as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University but has moved on and is now working for the U.N. at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning”

Well, so far I have part one of the plan,which revolves around getting a sub 3hr time at the MIlan Marathon and still being able to ride a bike. Part 2, which is all about keeping my running legs and building my bike legs and swim arms, is still currently being developed.

Oh, and I’ve just ordered a new bike and wheel set….


Leeds Abbey Dash – Race Report

Well I’m writing this so obviously I didn’t die. However at points I did feel like I was going to. I had to give myself a verbal reminder a few times along the way about not dying, and it stood near the first aiders at the finish as I waited for a friend to finish, you know, just in case.

So aside from not dying how’d it go?

Quite well in fact. A quick remind that the course is a glorious out and back along the stunning scenic A65 to the (actually beautiful Kirkstall Abbey, scene of our wedding and subsequent 10th wedding anniversary this year) and back again. The finish being outside of Leeds town hall.

Just a small loop round Cardigan Fields leisure park to worry about.

And about as flat as you can get too boot!

Act 1 – Where Tom goes well

I managed to get pretty much to the front of the sub45 minute pen along with a couple of other LBTers and we manged to cross the start line only a matter of seconds after the gun/air horn went off. Much better than some years when I’ve been pretty much at the back and spent the whole race weaving in and out of people. The first km is always quick, getting carried ogling with the masses and the excitement but it was just after the first km marker that I started to get in trouble.

Act 2 – Where Tom is in a world of pain and gets a bit sweary with himself

I had/have/still am suffering from a slight chest infection thing. Nothing too serious just a load of gack on my lungs and a load of coughing. Having rested during the week and then tried and easy parkrun on the Saturday (yesterday) I thought I would be ok, not in any shape to do well, but not die. I thought at this point I may have misjudged it.

I can’t really write too much about the following 9km as I don’t really remember much. A few cheers from fellow LBTers who saw me as I made my way back from the turn around point but mostly I was swearing at myself and reminding me not to die. I often hear people telling them selves to ‘harden up’ or ‘keep going, just keep going’ but I’ve never heard anyone tell themselves not to die.

My gacky lungs made it hard to get in enough oxygen so aside from the pain of breathing hard my legs were shouting at me with a huge build up of lactic acid from really early on as I couldn’t get enough air in to deal with it, so my legs were burning pretty much the whole way round.

Act 3 – Where Tom is alive and surprised

But I finished. As I was going round I kept feeling my Garmin going off every km but I tried not to look at it until I was very near the finish. When I did.



Yes, 38:48. My pre illness goal had been 39 minutes as although I’d gotten back to being quick (for me) over 5km I didn’t think I’d has the miles since my knee injury to back it up to 10km. Turns out I was wrong.

IMG_0882.PNGI was pretty much blown away by the time, once my lungs had stopped hurting, and genuinely surprised at how quick I’d gone. Maybe all the pain had been worth it?

No. It was a really bad idea and in hindsight I really shouldn’t have run, let alone that fast. It does beg the question of how quick I could have gone had I been able to breath. I’m sure we fill find out over the coming months as I switch away from the bike (more about that in another post) to concentrate on marathon training for the Milan marathon.

And the goody bag? Well a T-shirt which I will wear to the start of next years race to discard as we get going.

IMG_0884.JPGphoto credit goes to Malcom, mine is still scrunched up in the bottom of my kit bag.

Leeds Abbey Dash – target setting

Bugger, bugger, bugger

So I’ve picked up a small lung thing and although I’m mostly fine I’ve taken the week off training. I returned to roundhay parkrun this morning to test everything out and as long as I don’t go too hard my lungs are fine. Not working 100% but not too problematic. Gets a bit iffy if I breath too hard going up a hill but the abbey dash course is pretty flat.

So, before I didn’t think could pb, having not done enough quality running since my return from injury, maybe going 39mins ish. Now inching if I can go sub 43 I’ll havevhad a good day.

Let’s do this!

Power Training Block One….

Having done some Googling (if only I had the cash to pay for a coach) I cm up with the following plan

A nice mix of easy, medium and hard sessions, endurance days and, most importantly, rest days. So after 4 weeks how did it go? Well, it went OK. Aiming to hit every session is always a little too much to expect, especially with some of the things life throws at you. I managed after a bit of rearranging to hit all of the power sessions, mostly sacrificing the endurance days for harder, faster days. Tonight if all goes well I’ll perform another FTP test and then will have a better idea of where I am now.



Looking at where we are in the year, and with Milan marathon at the beginning of next season, I think If I push through one more 4 week block of hard bike training I can  then rest over the Christmas period and then concentrate on my running, with some longer bike sessions to keep the legs ticking over on the bike front. Hopefully this means that I’ll be able to storm Milan and then be in a good position to push hard with the bike over the start of the summer and really look at performing well at the midnight man Iron distance race in August.

October Yoga


I got off to a bad start off the back of September, and then had a few days off due to birthday related drinking activities, and then a few days off for being in Italy. But definitely an improvement on last months efforts.

Well it’s about bloody time!

This post could also titled ‘Tom signs up for a marathon’

Now I’ve run marathons before, 2 London marathons, 2 off road marathons and then 2 as part of Ironman races. However I’ve only ever run one really fast one, my first back in 2008 when I debuted at the marathon distance in 3:27:24. But that was ages ago.

Like many of us I was rejected when I applied for the London marathon this year and so looked around for something else to do. What with having my sister-in-law living in Italy at the moment I looked there as well.

And so I am now running the Milan marathon next April. I’ll be looking at target times a little nearer the time but I’d be hoping for a 3:05 to get a good for age for London, but maybe a sub 3hr might be on the cards.

Might have to start looking at doing some serious run training!