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By the power of Greyskull..

Or in normal words, I’ve been power testing again.

Before I crippled myself at the running track I had been training to power on the turbo trainer, based off my FTP I calculated before I crippled me knee (see power testing.) however I found the sessions quite easy, which they shouldn’t be. I decided that before I rear tempted a block of training I would retest my power. Same as before;

20 min warm up, 5 min max effort, 10 min easy, 20mi TT effort and then 10 min cool down.

And it gave some data;IMG_0835.PNG

Compared with my FTP from before I have gone from 242W to 288W. A massive increase of 46W!! Or to put it slightly differently a 20% increase in power.

So now I know this I can make my power training sessions really hurt.



September Yoga

sept yoga

It started so well once we got back from Canada where there was no time/space and then i cricked my neck in the pool. Then I ruined my calves and just couldn’t yoga, and as such let my core go as well. And then I was out of the routine…. excuses, excuses, Back on it now, we’ll just ignore that I missed the first 4 days of October….