Monthly Archives: July 2014

July Yoga

I’ve really struggled with getting my core work done this month, but I’ve been passibly good at getting my yoga done.

july yoga

Still, the yoga and the flexibility which comes with it s what I’m mostly after. I do need to give myself a kick up the arse and get more core work done though.



16 days (and a year)

After looking at diaries, working out holidays and studying race dates I have worked out the date on my next big race.

I will be waiting the Midnight man Triathlon.

An Iron distance race starting at 6pm and going over night. Closed roads and many, many laps. With the added bonus of not being in term time or requiring massive amounts of family time off.

Nice and flat, not too hot, I smell a potential PB…

Next race

Just entered the Leeds Abbey Dash for November. Should be plenty of time to get run fit again, and though I won’t be expecting to PB, it’s nice to have a goal to aim for again.

Getting some running back

After a few odd runs here and there I decided that I needed to do something about my running fitness. Swimming and biking is ok, just ok, but not too bad. However my run has been poor of late.

Last week I decided to have a little bit of a run focused week, aiming to run every day, bar Tuesday when I’d be down at the lake doing OWS. Nothing flash, just getting some miles in on the treadmill and then try and smash a parkrun on the Saturday to see where I am.

So how’d it go;

Monday – 10k 50 min. 12km/h

Tuesday – 20km ride out to Otley, 2k swim (37:30, nice) 20km back from Otley

Wednesday – 5k 24:15 1-4k @ 12km/h 4-5k @ 14km/h

Thursday – 5k 24:15 1-4k @ 12km/h 4-5k @ 14km/h

Friday – 5k 24:15 1-4k @ 12km/h 4-5k @ 14km/h

Saturday – 5km parkrun 19:41

Yes! 19:43. Sub 20 again! I was however ruined for the rest of the day, and that’s still more than a minute off where I was. However it’s faster than my last parkrun, a 21 something, so things are moving in the right direction.


Bonus picture of me struggling on lap 2

And I’m just about to sign up to my first race of the year, the Leeds Abbey Dash. This is November so plenty of time to get fitter without having to be in any rush.

June Yoga

Oh dear.

Oh dear oh dear.

Oh dear oh…. that’s enough chuckle brothering. It has been a Shocker of a month. The lack of any clear goal to aim for, other than get fit again, has meant a total lack of motivation to do any yoga, core or even much physio work.

june yoga

Need to get my ass into gear, and get back on it. Just not good enough….