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Well that was a first

It has finally happened. I’ve come first at something. Having never won anything before, nt even my age group at a parkrun, I came first. First. At a parkrun!

Having been in the last week of my recovery training block I’d run a bit too hard at the 5k TT at the track on Thursday, and so come the Saturday morning my legs were still quite knackered. I’d gone to help celebrate a friend upon reaching her 100th run at Temple Newsom and had planned to potter round and try and stretch out the legs a little. But that was until I saw my Friend N…

N: ‘You should do well today Tom, none of the fast boys are here!’

T: ‘Nah, my legs are ruined from track, going to take it easy.’

N’ But you could come first…’

And that was all I needed, with the competitive part of me not wanting to turn down what was more of less a direct challenge.

On the start I eyed one of the guys from the Hyde Park parkrun who I new was a little slower than me, other than that N was right, none of the fast boys were there. Not wanting to get too excited I decided to star off and see how things progressed before making any real effort.

Due to silting work happening at the lakes in the grounds of Temple Newsom the route had to be changed, now encompassing three trips up to the top of the hill and to the house, and a short stretch across a very soft-under-footing field making the normally challenging course that much trickier, 40m into it and I found myself at the front, with the other chap from Hyde Park just behind me, and by the time we crested the top at the house I had a lead. Not a big one, but certainly a lead.

The next two laps consisted of me running as hard as I could, without the benefit of being able to follow anyone through the course changes, and trying to not obviously look behind me to see what state my lead was in. I’m not sure I’m cut out for this leading from the front malarkey.

With 1K to go I was just hoping that 2nd place would be happy with that as I wasn’t feeling great and we still had one hill climb to go, but fortunately as we turned to go up the hill for the last time I caught sight of him 25m back. I hammered it up the hill as hard as I could and with lungs burning and legs about to fall off and managed to stagger across the line in first, cheered on by N who was doing the timings. At this point I collapsed into a heap on the sodden grass.

One of the volunteers pressed the token for first place into my hand, but before I had a chance to look at it someone else came and took it off me and scanned it for me. Never got a look at it!

So how’d I do? On the track the Thursday before I ran my socks off to get a 18:42, which was nowhere near my best, and this was no different. 20:11.  Utter turd. A good job the fast boys weren’t there as I would have ben made to look proper slow. Still, I came first and the chap behind me in 2nd was 11 seconds behind with 3rd and 4th a minute or so back.

I enjoyed coming first, something which is unlikely to happen again, or is it….


Me coming to the finish line, about to die!


So know we know

Having been ill more or less since mid December I have taken a much more measured approach to getting back into training, using these last two weeks to gradually increase my training levels. This culminated in a 1500m TT in the pool on Thursday morning, and then a 5K TT at the track in the evening.


For the swim I managed a 27:42, which is at least a minute and a half slower than where I was  at the end of the season. It’s a little gutting that I got ill when I did as I had just finished the speed building portion of the training block and was about to start upping the distance and seeing where I was at that point. Oh well. Still in a better place than when I started doing the morning swim sets. Still time to get better.

The run around the track is the first time I have tried to run the distance (or any real distance) on a track, and due to its flat nature should have been a prime candidate for getting a new shiny PB. Although my legs felt good, my lungs didn’t want t play, and having been able to stick on target for the first 2KM it became harder and harder to maintain pace and I fell off the cliff. Managed to pick it up for the last 6/800m but finished with 19:41. Damn.

So, I now where I am now. Although both these times are a little disappointing I am still in a better position that I was this time last year, and I have a plan in place to keep improving. So it should mean a quicker year. I hope.

January Yoga

Oh for fuck sake.

Man-flu again has crippled my ability to do anything this month, managing just one week of proper training before falling to illness again. AGAIN! Learning from the mistakes of last time (2 weeks previous) I stopped everything for two weeks, and then got back on the yoga. Jan is better than December was, but still not great.