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The fourth instalment of the West Yorkshire Winter League was hosted by LBT, and my didn’t the rain come down! The one lap course around the grounds of Temple Newsom stately home, turned out to be really rather muddy, and heavy going under foot, not unexpected given the rain we had had over night (as well as during the morning) and a trip there for the TN parkrun the Saturday morning had confirmed that it would be a muddy one!


So how did it go?

Well, having had a second bout of two day man-flu, I employed a ‘stop all exercise’ strategy to try and get over it, having been out of action for two weeks last time, and a pitiful return to racing at the Pudsey WYWL. Did it work, no. As mentioned I’d done the TN parkrun the previous morning on their slightly altered, more hilly course and I ran a 20:30, a little slow but I wasn’t going for it an was semi pleased with my time. However I exploded during the race and after a good first 500m I could only watch as a stream of people came running past. Nothing I could do about it!

A fair few fellow LBTers went past and had to check that  was OK, given where I was in the field, and it was when Neil overtook me with 500m to go I knew it had not been a good race and I managed to stick to his heels and overtake him just before the finish. Nothing like a little competition amongst your mates to drag everything out you!

All in all I came 56th, and 11th LBT gent (9th in the open category), and yet I have sailed up the leader board into a glorious 22nd place with one race to go! I am also placed s 2nd LBTer, though the two gentlemen just behind me have only done 3 of the 4 races so far and in those have finished in the to ten, so if they show at the last race then I may end up being only 4th. Oh well, Need to have a good last one as the top 4 results are counted!

So, there is just over a month till the last race, plenty of time to get over the man-flu properly and maybe even make a return to training to get as good a result in the last race.

Can’t wait!


December Yoga

Well that was rubbish.

As mentioned previosuly a micro-dose of child induced manflu ruined most of Decembers training, and my yoga took a hit.


After the initial bout I tried to struggle though but ended up having to sack it all in. Not a great way to end the year. Not started great this year either, being away at my parents for new years and will all the xmas trees etc up there wasn’t the space. Back on it now though!

A new start, NOT A NEW YEARS START!!

Having caught a lurgy/man-flu from one of the boys in mid December and struggling though I ended up packing in any real training till the start of the new year. I decided that rather than to do a session and take three days to recover I would just let my body get over it and start again when everything had calmed down. So now I’ve had to restart all my training blocks, especially as my swimming went from being ‘the shit*’ to ‘utter shit’ in the time I’ve had off. First morning back in the pool doing a proper session and I have lost so much ground. The last session I managed to go under 1:30 for all ten of the 100m sprints in the pool, and haven’t been over 1:34 for weeks and weeks before. Yet here I was struggling to get 1:37, and ended up hitting 1:43 a few times. The new few weeks are going to suck as I try and rebuild all the speed I had accrued, who knew that two little days of illness could have such a massive impact

Parkrun’s have also been taking a hit, I was starting to go under 19 minutes without really trying to now struggling to go under 20! A stiff back on Saturday didn’t help matters and I more or less limped round.

Tonight is the first of my two hour sessions on the turbo, so we shall see how that goes.


Bloody kids.


*Obviously when I refer to ‘being the shit’ I mean for me, I’m clearly no Michael Phelps, or even a Brownlee.

WYWL – Skipton

This was the third instalment of the West Yorkshire Winter League, and I hoped to perform better than at the Pudsey event. Having been hampered by a mini man flu type thing there I needed to perform better to get a higher place in the rankings. Based at Airedale College, next to the venue of Skipton Triathlon the course was a technical 3 lap route round a school playing field and then round a pitch and put course.


I have been told it wasn’t as muddy as last year, and although it wasn’t the same ‘coat everything in mud’ muddy that Pudsey was, it was the kind of muddy where you couldn’t get a grip going round the corners, or any real traction for the few brutally uphill sections of the course, On some parts I had to revert to a style of climbing which s very reminiscent of a cross country skier going up hill, all sideways motion with the knees.

I managed to hold my position pretty much the whole way round, loosing to a few people but gaining on more, and even managed to sneak a bonus place when someone in front stopped just before crossing the finish line. A lesson to us all about how the race isn’t over till you have crossed the line.

I finished the 7.1 km course in 33:01 and placed 43rd, the 5th placed LBT gent, and seeing as how there was a Vet in front of me I was the 4th points scorer for the Male Open Team.

Also new we are three races to the good I had a look at the overall points competition where I am sitting a comfy 28th, nice. Two races to go with the 4 highest point scoring races going to my final score. Need to beat a few more people!


Next up is the LBT event just down the road at Temple Newsam, can’t wait.