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What have I done….

After a brief conversation in the school playground I have been persuaded to take part in the Major Series event at Bramham Park in March.

The Major’s Northern event is held in the stately grounds of Bramham Park, near Leeds. The grand home sitting in the centre of the Estate is a sight to behold, but the Major’s troops are more interested in showing you the multitude of muddy bogs, thick woods and river crossings that surround it – as well as the infamous giant slide, spider’s web and the dreaded ice crawl – a real treat for you tough Northerners!

This is not what I would consider fun, but is being used by the school as a fund-raising event with approx 20 parents and staff taking part to raise money to further develop the outside garden area of the school.  Supposedly a 10k, run with obstacle in the way, but based off what people have spoken about these events its a period of running, followed by a period of standing around at each obstacle  waiting for your turn.

But it’s a for a good cause.


WYWL – Pudsey

The second round the the West Yorkshire WInter League didn’t go well. A small, inconvenient bout of a flu type illness put out of contention any small chance or running well. I had hit up the parkrun on the Saturday morning and that was slow and painful, but I thought I’d give it the cross XC a go as it was for the club after all, and free!

This two lap course was much a more demanding course than the Dewsbury course. More mud and loads of up and down with several bits of running through streams. All great fun.


What was not so much fun was the massive uphill finish, a real lung and leg burner. Fortunately it seemed much worse going down it to the start than it was coming up!


A great turn out by the club meant I didn’t score any club points, but we managed to move up into 3rd over all for the men and 5th for overall teams. Awesome. It did also put me i 36th place in the overall men’s competition.

Next up Skipton!

November Yoga


Sore shoulders from swimming meant for a short while I only yoga’d, giving myself a little break, and I had a few days off post Abbey dash. Other than that keeping up my consistency of yoga/core work.

WYWL – Dewsbury

The West Yorkshire Winter League is a Cross Country league comprising of ten running/tri clubs, over 5 races.  I could waffle on more about the running and points scoring within the league, but they have a nice website dedicated to it, HERE.

I got a lift in with three others from the club and meet up with  a few more LBTers at the start and it was nice to see a fair few of us ready to go. A good little bit of banter around my time from the Abbey dash being under Rich’s name (who’s place it had been I nabbed) got the mood ready for a good fun outing.

This was the Dewsbury was the first race of the year and consisted of 7.9, muddy, hill, slippery, rainy kilometres over two laps. As always with multi-lap races the first lap wasn’t too bad, but come the second lap when everyone had toiled across the course it was a bit of a mud bath, and parts were certainly very slippery, requiring care not to go arse over tit.


The whole way round I had two fellow LBTers in front of me, Rich and Mark, both of whom I knew I should be able to come in front of, but my legs were still tired from the previous weekends beasting and I had to be content to watching them race round with me always 20m behind them.

I the end I had to settle with being 40th overall, and the 5th LBTer home. The time is not recorded (making no difference to points) but I achieved a 34:14, 30 seconds behind Rich and Mark, and a fair distance behind our fastest two!

Having come 5th, with points going to the top 4 finishers I wasn’t expecting to have made any contribution, other than to have ‘put on a good show’ in club colours, however Tim who finished as 2nd LBTer was in the vets category so I was counted as a scoring member. Ace.

Next up is Pudsey!