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Abbey Dash – Results

Smashed it!


My plan on the day was to go under 38, and then as an extra target to get closer to 37 than to 38 (so under 37:30) and I managed to get a 37:24! Well pleased.

The new starting pen system was better than the normal mass start, though a few people sill were lining up in the wrong sections. I’m choosing to believe that they got the wrong time down, or stole a friends number rather than being idiots and choosing to go in the fastest pen.

As expected the first km was a little busy, and I went through at 4minutes, below the pace I needed, but after that managed to get a little (but not much) clean road and got myself back on track time wise, Due to the different start this year the route now took a quick loop round Cardigan Fields leisure park which did have a small bottle neck. The only disappointing thing here was that Virgin Active was supposed to have a cheering station with music and such like there, but nothing to be seen.

The rest of the race was pretty much as expected, passing a load of people I knew  from LBT, the new kit making it really easy to spot them, and parkrunners from the various parkruns round the city. I passed the turnaround point at exactly 19minutes, and was able to wave to the family before head down for the backward leg.

This was the usual mix of pain and sweat, articulally the last 400m which is uphill. It’s not a big hill, but after 9.6 hard run kms it bloody hurts.

So a new PB over 10k, somethig I’m going to have to work hard at to try and replicate in triathlons, and a negative split. All in all a good day. All that was left was to hop on the bike to go to Bramhope to watch little boys rugby.


Leeds Abbey Dash 2013 – Predictions.

Having had a shocker of a year last year, I threw my toys out of the pram and decided not to do the Abbey Dash this year. The reason? The race had gotten to big and there where too many people who didn’t understand the racing etiquette of not being at the front of you are going to be walking in the first km. I wasn’t able to get into any kind of rhythm until the 6th km, and by then all hopes of getting a reasonable time were long gone. The race was too much money to not have a decent time at the end of it.

So I said no.

Then last week I find out that they have addressed this issue with proper colour coded coaled starts. Great, it had sold out. However one of the guys from LBT couldn’t make it, so I have his place.

This will be my 6th appearance in a row, and my times have gotten better over the years. dash1


Apart from last year. 2011 I had a bad race, felt empty from the get go, but still managed to go sub 40, which was the point I realised I’d made a bit of a step change in ability and that I should be able to push on having had a bad race and gotten a 39xx.

So what do I think I might get this year? My VDOT suggests I’ll be pulling around 38:42, but I know I ran faster than that at the Trident Standard distance tri in June, so I reckon I should be able to go under 38 fairly easily. Still, what I should be able to do and what I actually do are two different things…


With my October break officially at an end now I can start up with the training again and look at improvements for the coming season. Though it prevented my ability to do any yoga, my trip to Barcelona was not wasted as I was able to use the flight time to do some planning, based primarily around swimming


My original plan about doing sets of 3×500 didn’t seem to work, as I was unable to keep an ‘above race pace’ going for the whole 500m, and my times where, shall we say woeful at best. However the 10×100 sprint sets did seem to have made a difference so I shall be returning to them, albeit much more frequently. I’ve mapped out a 10 week block (and then will do another 10 week block after) based primarily on speed work,


Thrown in a week of 1500’s to keep the feel of the distance. Currently have the ability for a 4 morning week, with a possible option on getting to the occasional training session with LBT at Leeds Grammar School.

General Overview:


My plan is to start with a few 1hr turbo sessions at the start of the week, and then some interval/brick work towards the end of the week, being aware of Thursday nights track session with the club, and my Wednesday Big Big Ride. I will look a little closer at how these sessions are structures after a few weeks (possibly in the very new year) once I have managed to improve my existing stamina/strength.


Keeping with what’s been working, so sticking with Thursday track sessions, as well as race effort parkruns when I can get them in. A late week brick to keep the legs remembering about running off the bike,  but for the time being a little. A gentle 10k on Wednesday is designed to get some meaningful distance in my legs, whilst also using it as a comedown after my WBBR

I will reassess as I go, 13 sessions a week may be a little optimistic and I may have to change round some of the session types, but I will see how we get on, starting this Monday.


October Yoga

Another month finished, time to see my yoga record.


Not too shabby, and certainly feeling better for it. Only real issue was a holiday in Barcelona for the last week of October with friends where there was no space what-so-ever for yogaing, but was back in it the day we returned.