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West Yorkshire Winter League ’13/14

The dates have been released for the 2013/14 West Yorkshire Winter League, a competition between 4 running clubs and LBT have been released;

Race 1 Dewsbury 24/11/2013
Race 2 Pudsey 08/12/2013
Race 3 Skipton 05/01/2014
Race 4 LBT 26/01/2014
Race 5 Stainland 02/03/2014

Plus the added bonus of;

Peco Race: 16th March 2014

Much of my ability to attend will depend on family commitments as they are all at the same time as Boy1’s rugby practice. And the need to get a lift!



Well not the normal Stoptober, what with the not smoking thing, but having looked at my training plan again I realised it was quite full and that October was supposed to be a recovery/light month. I’ve dumped out all the bits from the back end of the, and may loose one of the turbo sessions as well.. This is the case for the rest of October, where I will be , not getting ‘unfit’ like many of the coaches have been suggesting, but certainly taking it a little easier.

I will keep the early morning swims sessions is as I enjoy those and they get me going for the day, and the yoga/core routine will certainly be kept, if not doubled up on.

Training Plan

Aside from my morning swim sessions, Thursday club sessions at the track and the Saturday morning parkrun, my training hasn’t really taken any kind of structured format. I have hence devised my initial training plan for the coming winter months.


So far progression is dependent on, and measured by increase in base fitness, by either going faster (pool work, parkrun etc) or going further (turbo sessions etc). I need to work out a way to test my self, probably with monthly TT sessions or similar, and as my base increases I will look at doing more directed training (more intervals, pyramids etc), all of which I can think about whilst training!

September Yoga

So after my first month of more accurately recording my yoga/core routine I seem to have done ok


Not quite the minimum 80% I was aiming for, but I lost a whole weekend due to my entire family coming up to celebrate my dads 60th birth day and my yoga space was being used as a makeshift camp site for the boys (tent and all!)

Just need to keep it going through October and beyond.