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Building for next season


Yes. Not in the manner of putting in base miles in on the bike/road, but more about improving my body so that when I do start to rack up the miles I’ll be in a better position to do so.

The bigget problem is my posture. Years of walking round school with my hands in my pockets (despite my mother’s constant moaning) have left me with a poor posture. At the NCRCs at the weekend the Mrs said she could spot me in the water, amongst all the other green hatted, wetsut wearers due to the curve of my spine.

I’ve booked into see a physio on Wednesday to work out what exercises I can do to improve my posture. And no doubt there will be a spreadsheet of somekimd recordin my sucess at completing any programme of exercises.

I already do yoga and core work as part of my training,  but due to a run of poor routine have not been doing it as often as  should. As of 1st September ‘Operation Spresdsheet Yoga’ will be on the go, recording and publishing my success rate at the yoga. I know my body responds well to it amd made great improvements in strength and flexibility when I had my last consistent run of  having a successful yoga routine.

yoga template


Marathon Talk Magic Mile – Results…

Well, the course was two laps and pretty flat, not as lumpy as I had imagined based on the parkrun.


Setting of with another member of LBT I hammered it hard for the first km and then hung on, lungs burning till the end. First lap passed rather quickly but I could feel myself slowing during the second lap. Rounding the statue of Queen Victoria for the second time with the finish line in sight everything was hurting but I dug deep to finish hard, especially as I could hear my garmin bleeping me telling me 5 minutes had passed.

Once I had crossed the finish line and had managed to recover enough to uncrumple myself from the heap I had collapsed into I was able to look at my time

5:23. Awesome.


Now I just need to see how quick I can manange if i can get to the Summer challenge at the track. Maybe a new PB?

National Club Relays Championships – A Further Look

Having taken part in the NCRCs (for quickness!) I was worried abut how I had performed, especially seeing as I was told I was in the ‘Speedy mixed team!’ Not used to racing with others and being part of one of our quicker teams I was worried about letting down my team members. It would have sucked for them if they had slogged their guts out only for me to have fallen on my ass and ruined it. Lets look at some of the times (and some graphs)

The Swim – I knew I had had a poor swim and looking at the times it was compared to the times of my Team, LBT Team 3


My time (shown in yellow) is slower than everyone. But when we look at the times of the top 3 Teams (Teams 1 & 2 were all male) I wasn’t slowest!! Hurrah!


My time shown in yellow and slower person shown in red. OK so I was only faster by a second, but it all counts, and I was only about 30 seconds slower than 5 others.


So although I had a shocker it wasn’t as bad as it could have been when compared to my team mates.

The Bike – Althoug slower than I had hoped for it seems that compared to the others in LBT Team 3 I didn’t do too badly


Faster, just than two, but our 4th leg had a blinder. But what about the others?BIKE

Again, me marked yellow, we can see that there where 3 people slower than me, and 2 others within a minute. LBT Team 2’s second leg had a mechanical with his bike which did affect hs time.


So although I wasn’t as quick as I’d have liked I did well compared to my team and held up ok agaisnt the other two teams.

The run – This is where I had surprised myself. Running under 19 minutes again was great.


Compared to my team I was well beaten by our first leg, and our 4th leg came in a single second quicker than me (though he had further to go as he had an extra 100m odd to do to get to the finish line)


Against the rest of the teams I did ok, going quicker than 5, and being with 15 seconds of two others.


So far no real embarresments. What about the overall time? Well..


Again thanks to the use of red and yellew we can see there where two other slower than me, and two within a miute, which over such a short distance isn’t too bad. totalsteams123

Can I say I’m happy with that? I think I can. Given I’m the only one with a young family to look after, and that I have only been getting into training properly over the last 8ish weeks I think that these times are decent compared to other very good triathletes, and most importantly I don’t think I let anyone down, which was the whole point of doing all these graphs.

BBQ was awesome but I’m not sure how to stick number of hotdogs eaten into an appropriate graph.

Marathon Talk Magic Mile – The Prediction

It’s that time of the year again when Marathon Talk have their Magic Mile competion. The idea being to try and post your fastest time for one mile. You are suposed to estimate your time for the mile and then, as it’s the last part of their Jantastic programme of selve improvement loose points for being over, or under your estimate time. This is suposed to promote a balls to the wall effort, but also an understanding of what you are capable (hence loosing points for going faster than predicted.)

Tom WIlliams from Marathon Talk hosted the Leeds Hyde Park Magic Mile ashe has done for the alst few years.

Having never done a mile race, only 1600’s round the track as part of a training session I’m not exactly sure what my time could be. So, I have used my V-Dot to make a semi prediction.

Prediction from V-Dot : 5:32

Only that’s based on a flat track like surface and the Hyde Park course certainly isn’t flat. But it is a race, and you always give it more in a race situation. Right, lets think.

Prediction from pulling a figure out of the air : 5:28

I think that’s doable. We shall see this evening.

National Club Relay Championships – Analysis lite

This was not my first visit to Holme Pierrepont  for the National Club Rely Championships, the first beig back in 2011, when I was with a team compirising of the NCT boys. It was a grand day out, but due to our catergory we raced on the Sunday morning, with the rest of th club racing on the Saturday morning. Although it was good fun it wasnt a massive club experience. This year though I woud be racing as part of a mixed team, with the rest of the club, I couldn’t wait.


The weather had looked like it was going to hammer it down with rain all day, and the drive out there (such an early start) made it look like that would be the case, but apart from a few drops as we arrived it remained dry all day, and even moved towards sunny towards early afternoon.


A quick look at times this year compared to 2011 shows improvements across the board.


The Swim – This was much faster than last time out,a whole 45 seconds infact, mostly helped by me not having lost my goggles just before the swim this time. However a swim of just under 9 minutes is a little disapointing. Given my times in the pool would be putting me doig the 500m at a touch under 9 minutes anyway, and this should have been an all out effort in a wetsuit. A little disapointed especially whenI had been hoping for around 8 minutes, and that I was the slowest of the 4 of us. However the two handovers both went smoothly, despite forgetting Suzie’s name when trying to yell at her so she could find me at the first change.

The Bike – Another quick handover at T1 and onto the bike sharpish. The bike course is three laps of the lake and about as flat a course as there is. Relayspic1

The corners do require slowing down for and sprinting out of (taking care to not take a tumble as one person did whilst in T1)


Once out on the bike couse it was a case of head down and just hit it as hard as I could, and zipping past the slower people from A wave meant there was alwats something to be looking out for. After what seemed like three very quick laps it was time for a flying dismount into transtion and passing the band on to Sonja for her bike leg. Time for the bike course ended up being 24:12, a mere 46 seconds faster than last time, and this time without a shocking head wind, A little disapointed, especially considering I had been hoping to get around the 22 minute mrk. Upon further reflection I thought that maybe I had a better bike the previous year due to trying to make up for a shocking goggleless swim, knowing that I would have an hour to recover before the run. Still, looking at the speed for this year I averaged 36.3kmph, faster than my Olympic distance average speed.


The corner around the head of the lake required more slowing down, despite being a more arced corner as this had lots of manhole covers and rough ground, a crash hazard. THis was also the point where people were slowing and unclipping ready to go into transition.

The Run – A single 5km lap of the lake, with the first quater being a little undulating as it heads round the back of the grandstand.

relayrunpic1 relayrunstats

I had expected to go under 20 minutes and had a target of around 19:30. I was really pleased to come back with a 5k time of 18:52, only 2 seconds off my 5km PB and the second time I hve run under 19 miuntes. A smooth changeover helped in part by the organisers having someone with a radio 200m down from trasition relaying back the numbers of the approaching runners meant we could be in place ready for the handover with plenty of tim. A quick first km as I chased down the two people who came out of T2 with me and then I settled into a smooth yet hard pace as we went round the lake.


Coming back down the lake towards the trnasition area and my change over I was passing loads of runners, including one with a Team GB trisuit, but the girl in the yellow vest who I’d been trying to catch more or less the whole way round remained elusive. Into T2 again and another quic chnage over of the band and I was done. Time to collapse in a heap and get some pre BBQ water in.


Looking at my speed overthe whole run I was more or less under 4 mi/km the whole way round, and felt like I could hve carried on the pace for anothe lap, which bodes well for the OD tris in the furure, maybe getting closer to 38 minutes over the 10k.

Results – Our team, a mixed team came 13th overall fromthe mornings racing, and 5th in the mixed category, even beating one of our all male teams (they finished 14th overall)

This was a great day out and some really good racing. It was nice to race with the club and meet some people who I’d never met, let alone raced with. A big tasty BBQ was a lovely way to finish the day off.


Swim Times – Anaylsis

It’s been 2 months since I have been able to get some semi regular swim sessions in, getting  a mix of distance, technique and speed work completed. Looking at the times I’ve been getting for the 1500m we can see a clear improvement in time.


A few periods of inability to get to the pool has slowed my progress, but so far I have managed to cut 2:21 from my time, but the biggest improvement has been in the effort it is taking to do the distance. Recovery has greatly improved also, which can be seen by looking at the times of 100m sprints. Normal session is 10 x 100m off 3 minutes.


We can see an improvement in speed across the sets, and a decrease in the difference between first and last sets.

I looked at the splits of my most recent 1500m to see how I faired, and aside from the inital fast first 100m my splits were fairly consistant, though when my concetration lapsed I could feel, and the times showed that I did slow up.


Looking at this small set of data it is easy to see that the work in the pool has been paying off, and I’ve been getting faster consitently, and feeling less tired after sessions. There is still work to be done, and I feel that there is a chunk of time still to come off with continued effort before I start hitting the point of diminishing returns. And maybe one day I’ll be able to get to the pool for a club session, as before when I had coached sessions (thanks to Royals in Chester and Jack Maitland) my swim greatly improved,