Monthly Archives: October 2010

Parkrun, do it, it’s great

Thursday night saw another hour on the turbo trainer, and this one it was slightly easier on the arse. Which was nice.

This morning I took part in my first ever park run a nice weekly 5k round Hyde park in Leeds. Wasn’t quite ideal as I had to take the boy (and will have to most weeks) round in the pushchair. Not ideal at all as it meant I had to shorten my stride and couldn’t swing my arms properly to get my breathing right. This did cause to to be very hard work from 1k in and hurt the rest of the way round. Still the hurting was similar to that you get at the end of a tri run so it’s good practice at obeying rule 5, and generally manning up and living with it. Even with 2st of small child being pushed in front I (we?) made it round in 24:18, and considering the boy and the fact that’s the first time I’ve run since Leeds tri in September I’m quite happy with the result and the run as a whole. This should be a weekly thing and can’t wait for next week.


Swimmingly well

I’ve been able to make it to the pool on a but more of a regular basis the last week, managing to fit in three sessions of 1000m rimmed at 19:07, 19:08 and a blistering 17:23. Have also managed to fit in some much shorter pre and post work swims of only 500m (better than nothing) each of which came out at pretty much 9 minutes spot on. Last night I also did a little speed work, having a 3 minute window to swim 100 and then use the rest of the time to recover. I managed 6 sets in the time available with the time swimming the 100m being; 1:30, 1:33, 1:33, 1:35, 1:35, 1:38, 138. Going to try and fit in a quick session again after work today, but need to keep a little bit fresh for tonights bike session.

Getting better

So this week has lead to a change in training time. Rather than trying to fit in a swim before work which is always rushed, and if the boys plays up was often missed altogether. Instead a swim after work, whilst still rushed, is always doable.

This week I have managed two lots of 500m sessions, both of which I completed in 9:07 and a session in which I set the timer at 20 minutes and then set off, managing 1050 in the time.

I was supposed to have a session with PT but unfortunately he couldn’t make it so whilst at the gym I did a session on the bike working on cadence. I can now keep the pedals turning consistently up to 100rpm. And it isn’t getting hard on the legs up to 110rpm. Still plenty of work to do over the winter.

No time like the… Nope, just no time

Training has been very light on the ground of late. Having been ill and then family commitments has meant that in the last two weeks I have managed nothing other than three ten minute swims. And those swims haven’t been of a great quality as for the first two I was still broken from being ill and managed to do 4 sets of 100m and even that was a struggle. Still thinks are picking up as yesterday I managed to swim 200m without my arms falling off. Although I did have to get dried with a wet towel from swimming with the boy at the weekend.