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Out running

I can’t remember the last time I went out for a run, my training of late focusing on my swimming and cycling. This just seems to have happened with my running being the strongest of the three disciplines and my run times not being much slower after the run an bike than they are normally. Seems odd to think how much of my pre tri life was spent running compared to now.

Last nights run took in one of the loops of the Leeds Triathlon, which had a nice hill climb and som flat where I did some sprints. Sprints hurt, a lot. I knocked out just under 10k in 40 mins not really pushing the pace. Still plenty of room for improvement and plenty of time before Leeds to make it.

The only problem was my shoes gave me a blister, this coupled with them rubbing at the last race makes me think they are on their way out, best go get some more.


Back in the sadle, but uh oh

Today I learnt that before doing any hill climbing I need to eat a bit more than I did today. Down hill and the flat is fine but there was nothing in the tank when it came to the hills. Originally I planned to do the route of the Leeds Triathlon but only do two of the loops as opposed to three. Had to call it a day after one though as it was too much like hard work for it to feel beneficial.

Thinking about the ride (which turned out at about 13.5 miles) I still need to keep my focus when cycling as on occasion my cadence and speed dropped a little. However the second time out with my new tri-bars showed how much they help on the down hill sections as well as the flat road like I rode in Sundays race. Think I need to adjust me seat a little though to get the most out of the new position.

I also need to think more about how I use the tri-bars, as although they worked a treat on the down hill and flat section I tended to stand up on the climbs sooner than I did previously. I think I need to be more aware of the incline and maybe more the the drop bars sooner to try and keep my legs fresh.

Splashing about aimlessly in the pool

I managed to make it to the pool this morning, having not been detained by grocery deliveries and small children playing up. Not sure the McDonald’s breakfast helped but sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got.

Swam a 1500 session straight off (due to time constraints), trying to recover my stroke after two OWS events, inn the last few weeks. I really noticed the difference when swimming in a pool as opposed to open water today, not as I could fully move my arms, but as I was much less buoyant. It really did feel like I was using too much energy just trying to stay afloat!

Thinking about the swim it did the 1500m in 29.12 today, which is slower than my OWS times over the same distance. Looking at the break down:

0-500 9.51
500-1000 9.09
1000-1500 10.12

It did take me a little while to get into my stroke today so I’m not surprised that my second 500 was faster than my 1st, as during he middle third I had gotten my stroke working nicely, improving on my reach and follow through. The final 500 was quite poor, I think partly as by this point I was feeling the effects of two Egg McMuffins and coffee. I also think, like with my biking I let myself down mentally here, not really keeping my mind focused on what I was doing. I always count my breaking and strokes but I think I still need to keep and eye on my stroke rate and leg kicks. his may be why I have slightly better swim times when I do OWS events as the argie-bargie in the swim keeps your mind focused on the fact that you are in a race.

Hope to get back to the pool over the weekend when I aim to do some speed work (whilst paying attention to keeping focused), that should make the arms hurt and the lungs burn!

New winter training/event added

Along with a few of the chaps have signed up to a 90k bike ride in Cumbria. Although it doesn’t take in any of the big passes it should be good time spent in the saddle, properly the most since the 1/2 iron man in the summer.–december-5th-2010

Should be a good way to break up the predominantly gym based training over the winter months.New winter event/training a

The perfect time to start a blog

Normally people start blogs when they are starting down the road to a goal, maybe their first marathon, a weight loss aim, job hunting or planning an event like a wedding. Not sure many of them start a blog recording their training progress for triathlons when the season is almost over and having achieved the goals they set out at the beginning of the season. Still I feel now is as good a time as any to get going.

So, what have I achieved this season:

4 Super Sprint Triathlons
1 OWS Sprint Triathlon
1 1/2 Ironman Triathlon
3 Olympic Distance Triathlons

Including PBs over all distances and even managing to crack the 2:30 mark for the Olympic Distance and only managing to have one bad race so far, sadly that was the one in which my little brother beat me!

All in all my season seems to have gone well. Considering the small amount of training I have managed to fit in amongst family commitments my results have improved with each race, and when things calm down I might even manage to join a tri club.

So what’s left this season? First up is the Leeds Triathlon on 12th September, a nice Olympic Distance event just round the corner (hurrah for no early start that day) which my little brother will be coming up for, the main aim there is to beat him, and then in October there is the Oulton Park Duathlon. There might even be a few running events thrown in just to keep things ticking over.

The most important thing is to get some training done…